“I am a CPA who has worked with Nancy who is the bookkeeper for two mutual clients. We receive financial information from her in order for us to prepare professional financial statements of not-for-profit corporations. She is in my opinion an excellent accountant who takes responsibility for her work and is accurate, reliable and conscientious.”

“Switched our payroll this year and have been completely satisfied. Nancy is very responsive to our needs and in addition saved us time and money.”

“During my time as treasurer for a small not-for-profit organization, I had a chance of working with Nancy and also learning from her, since she had been working there prior to my arrival.
The organization was growing, which required changes in our accounting system. Nancy was extremely helpful working closely with our accountant and making the needed changes very seamlessly.¬†Nancy also consistently provided excellent and up-to-date printouts, as needed, for our meetings and kept us informed.¬†She is a very honest and reliable worker.”

“Nancy has been able to fulfill all our accounting and payroll needs accurately & efficiently. She is proficient at problem resolution approaching any issues with a calm reassuring manner. Since we’ve been working with Nancy we’ve been able to relax knowing our accounting and payroll is done correctly & in a timely manner. No longer do we worry about payroll tax deposits or filings – they are just done! And we save hundreds of dollars a year from what we were previously paying.”

“Nancy does a great job for us and she is very responsive to our needs. Her services are affordable. Doing bookkeeping for a non-profit organization is very difficult yet she manages to pull it off with no problems.

We switched over to her payroll service and it worked fine, saved us money and our employees are happy with the service.”

“Nancy has taken care of my bookeeping and payroll going on fourteen years now. To have a professional relationship with someone that long requires a mutual feeling of trust and respect, and Nancy has more than earned that. I am constantly on the go, and it’s a relief to know that things will run smoothly even when I can’t be in the office. The convenience of the payroll services can’t be understated, it definitely saves me a lot of time and worry. Nancy makes the everyday chores of running a business a lot less stressful, and that alone is worth its weight in gold.
Five stars across the board!”